Posted by: Alan Le | January 29, 2008

Make Firefox Delicious

I have been using to keep track of my bookmarks for the past few 2 years. I now have over 2,000 links bookmarked! With, having that many bookmarks is still very manageable. The folksonomy system with tags allow me to quickly find the links that I want to look for from my bookmarks.

A few months back, the team released an extension that tightly integrate my bookmarks with Firefox to make accessing my bookmarks and links an even better experience. In fact, tagging links that I like is part of my browsing experience now. Everything is seamless.

I don’t have to deal with browser-based bookmarks or putting links inside of folders. I can view my bookmarks from any computer. The only time I need links is when I’m connected to the Internet, so offline access is a no-issue.

With, my links are always at my fingertips. The are a bunch of other ways that I use del.icio.ussuch as finding new useful links but I’ll save that for another post.


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